molly maids and a day full of grace

Yesterday we hired Molly Maids to come and attack our house. They were $80 an hour for two cleaners and then towards the end, a third cleaner showed up too to help finish the basement. It was worth every single penny. I am not receiving any perks for writing a blog post raving about them, but for the record, I would endorse their service with a television commercial if I could. I was so excited when my house was cat hair free, rid of plastered banana on the wall and smelled like the bleach and chlorine you smell at a health club. I told Rory it almost made me want to join a gym. That's such a good smell.

So check them out. The oven has NEVER looked so spotless (stove top included!) and they moved every single piece of furniture to vacuum and mop every inch of floor. Wiped down the walls, vacuumed the heat registers...I could go on and on. Obviously, I already am.

And then today Rory put on the second coat of paint on the porch floor, but it is going to need a third coat our "house on the market" date has been postponed one more day. Oh thank goodness. The extra accessorizing of our house is taking lots and lots of trips to Marshalls, our own basement storage of home decor and to other people's homes to gather and collect the right pillows, vases and furniture. The extra day due to the paint on the porch was like a little present for me. I will gladly take it.

So that's our life right now. All consuming cleaning and staging and boxing things up. Next week I am planning a getaway to my inlaws where I will watch obscene amounts of HGTV while sitting sedentary on the couch watching other people work their tails off as they get their houses ready to sell. I can't wait.

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