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Ivar's swing/ thoughts on 18 months

I adore 18 months. Ivar now uses enough words that I can usually figure out what he needs, and this is fantastic. I recently heard him yelling from the bathroom, "Helpee! Helpee!" which is his combination of Help and Please. I ran to the bathroom to find his hands on the bottom of the tub and his feet extended over the ledge. He had been bending to try to get a ball and was stuck in a pike position with legs in the air. Thankfully there was no water in the tub, but more than that I was glad he had a word that could get me to his aid so quickly.

He will do anything for a laugh, and is often making himself laugh. Yesterday I heard him back in his room, all by himself, cracking himself up. No idea why. And now we have this swing, which is basically a giggle machine.

He also can entertain himself for longer stretches of time. I can't always count on this, but sometimes he will play in his room for lengths so long that I have to go and see what he's up to. Sometimes he's balancing on a box looking out his window and yelling, "hi!" to our neighbors in their backyard. Sometimes he's reading books in his glider rocker. Sometimes he is manhandling the cat. It's so fun to watch him grown and learn.


Bethany D said...

I love the look he gave you while on the glider. Paul calls that Tyler's cheesehead look. Nothin' like that big cheesy grin! Ivar is such a cutie.

Christ Is My Passion said...

Raising your first child esp a son is so much fun! Kudos to him for being able to entertain himself! You and Rory should treasure
every moment with Ivar and with your upcoming little one once he or she is born. Because they grow up so fast esp with time going by so fast these days!

Seems like just yesterday both my sons were babies. Now both Shiloh and Jonah aer 6 years old and 4 years old respectively! Wow! And shiloh just graduated Kindergarten on June 7th and will be in 1st grade in the fall! Another wow!