I wrote last week about how it dawned on me that if we are going to go anywhere before baby #2 arrives, we had better hit the road. And looking at our calendar for the weeks ahead, it became quite obvious that we needed to sneak in this trip as soon as possible.

Within 12 hours I had booked our favorite place on the North Shore and pulled some pretty mighty last minute favors for Ivar-care with grandmas and grandpas and aunts and uncles. It was amazing that it all worked out and made the whole getaway that much more charged with excitement.

I've written about our love of Lake Superior before...if you're looking for a fantastic vacation destination check out the posts I've written...this one on my personal north shore favorites here, why this place is so restful for me here and a lovely picture slide show from our trip a few years ago, here.

The new highlight for us this trip was our discovery of The Rustic Inn (or Rustic Cafe?) in Castle Danger. Looks like a ma and pa restaurant right on hwy 61, and blows you away with gourmet. It was one of those meals that we ate while talking about the food we were eating, unable to stop raving over each thing on our plate.

And as every getaway always proves to be, our time together was restorative, necessary and so good.

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Sarah McQuade said...

Look at you! You're absolutely lovely and glowing. So glad to hear you were able to spend some time together.