marriage care

On Tuesday night I was asked by a friend, "do you and Rory ever fight?" The question made me laugh out loud. Yes. Yes we do fight. But I am never afraid of our fights. We work through them, they blow over, I get a good nap, we forgive and we're both good talkers.

Most important, we are both committed to work at our marriage. Because it is work. And worth every effort we put into it.

From an early age my mom used to tell me that she and my dad went to marriage counseling when I was two years old and that it was the best thing they ever did for their marriage. They were in the beginning stages of planting a mission start congregation and were confronted with a lot of hard stuff all at once.

As a result, I've never felt any stigma attached to seeking help for your marriage. Seeking help and guidance is going to be inevitable. I got married under the assumption that Rory and I would utilize counseling at some point. Not because we were that rocky from the start, but because that's just what married couples do. In fact, when I asked mom if I could share this story on my blog, her comment was, yes, of course, I actually really wish your dad and I had done more counseling at different seasons of our marriage.

Rory's folks are always encouraging us to attend every conference, seminar, workshop, or any offering that will help us build a stronger foundation. Because they, too, know that a good marriage does take time and effort and intention and there is always room to grow closer.

So, having said all that, our church is hosting a marriage conference. Just a Friday night and Saturday morning (April 27th and 28th), $39 per couple and the speakers are solid. Solid. I really can't wait.

The conference is called Good Love and you can find out all the details by clicking here. Look around the site, find yourself a babysitter, and grab that love of your life and come work on your marriage. I hope to see lots of you there!


Erica Lynn Erhart said...

I love this because its so true! Thanks for shring this Becca!

Anonymous said...

you guys fight, no way! ;) really just love you guys!!