yarn globes

Have you met my niece Josie yet? She's the best. In the picture above she was dressed as a green bird for her middle school play, Seussical. She's fun, animated, kind and we adore her. Ivar adores her. She adores Ivar. It really works out well for everyone.

We got to have Josie over the Friday night before Ivar's Ball Party. I had seen tutorials for Yarn Globes before, but was thinking I'd probably scrap this decoration. It was getting to be to much. But with the news that Josie was coming over I got a second wind. If there is a girl I'd like to make a yarn ball with, it's Josie.

It was a total mess. And so fun. We worked hard on how to best execute this project and by the end, we were a slick machine.
Basically we are soaking the yarn in a combination of water, modge podge, elmers glue and flour..with no real ratio of one to the other. We just sort of dumped and stirred until it felt about right.
We made three balls and we got so slap happy. Might have been the glues we were sniffing, might have been that it was getting late, but I felt like I was in 7th grade again. We took breaks for huge bowls of icecream with chocolate syrup. We took breaks to watch America's Funniest Home Videos with Rory. We took breaks to watch Josie's dance routines for the play. We sang Sara Groves songs so that Rory had to tell us to keep it down or we'd wake the baby.
We hung the balls to dry in the kitchen overnight and then I brought Josie's to her at church so that she could pop the balloon and sneak it out one of the holes, leaving just the hardened yarn shell.

They made pretty decorations, and now they are hung over Ivar's crib, which delights him to no end. He points them out to me every time I put him down and every time I get him up. And I reply, "yep. those balls are still there!"


Nancy Holte said...

So cute! I saw balls made out of twine (I think it was twine) hanging over a table for our holiday dinner at church this year. They were so pretty.

sarah in the woods said...

I love these. We tried it once but our mixture wasn't that great, and they fell apart. I'll have to try something glueier I guess.