before you head out to the fair!

I've said it before (in 2009) and then I said it again (in 2010). And now I'll say it another time. I adore the Minnesota State Fair. Love it. I went last night to arrange flowers with my mom and it was great, though I was glad we decided to leave Ivar at home with Rory at the last minute. It was a bit hot and I watched enough kids have meltdowns that I felt good about having my little boy at home.

This is just a quick post to let you know I found a new fair favorite. I've always loved the fruit stand, but I cannot even tell you how good the peaches are this year. They're enormous and are the kind of juicy that has you slurping your fruit from the very first bite. At $3 they're probably the cheapest thing you'll find to eat. And it's the best $3 you'll spend.

Unless, of course, you're excited about the new chocolate covered jalapenos. I was in this line getting a lemonade for my mom and these babies were popular! But I think they were underwhelming. It was a raw jalapeno dipped in melted chocolate. And the chocolate was still saucy. One guy took a bite next to me and said, "well, it tastes like a pepper dipped in chocolate."

For those of you going to the fair in the next few days, the Fruit Stand is between the Horticultural building and the International Bizarre and looks like this:

And my mom swears by the World Famous Coconut Macaroons. I'm bummed I didn't get them!

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