beautiful baby food

I remember seeing Jennifer Garner on The Martha Stewart Show. It was probably half a dozen years ago and she was very pregnant, as was everyone in the audience. The show was geared towards expecting mama’s and all that they should know before having that baby. Martha was interviewing Jennifer and asked if she planned on making her own baby food. “No,” she said sweetly “you know, I sort of think it would be one of those things that I’d try at first and then tucker out along the way.” Martha was aghast, “oh it’s so, so easy. You must make your own baby food!” Martha’s tone was a little much for me, but Jennifer just laughed back, “No. I feel no pressure. I figure if Gerber has been making it for this long, I’ll let my baby eat what they’re making.” Or something like that.

It is so weird how much I remember about that episode. Maybe because I never watched Martha all that often, but I think it had more to do with Jennifer’s likable honesty. She felt no pressure to pretend she was going to puree her own cooked squash. And not only was she this honest about her baby food plans, but she was basically making Martha look like an overbearing mother-in-law. (I can write that because I don’t have that mother-in-law!)

I swear to you, in that moment I made a mental note that I, too, would let Gerber do their pureeing for me. I would purchase those cute little jars and enjoy the fun readymade combinations like cherry-apple and blueberry banana. So this is how we started.

But then I got a voicemail from my friend Meta asking me if I had any tips on making baby food because she was “sure I was the type of mom who must have tried this before her.” And it dawned on me. I am totally the type to try making my own baby food. Not because of anything against gerber, not even really for the financial reasons. But because I might actually enjoy it. I like cooking and baking. I like creating. I’ve heard it involves lots of ice cube trays…why wouldn’t I give it a try?

And then Meta posted these pictures. Had I known rainbows of beautiful color would be involved I might have jumped on the wagon a bit sooner. I think I might have to go and make Martha Stewart proud…


Lacy said...

Go for it! I made most of Hakan's food until he was around 1, mainly because it saved a ton of money, but I also loved making it:) It turned out to not be that hard, and yes, lots of ice cube trays:) I have some baby cook books if you want to borrow them!

Jamie Willow said...

I made Judah's for quite a while...until it started getting complicated...ha! It wasn't to hard actually...and for on the go we used store bought wasn't something I did for any reason other than it was kinda fun and easy.

oh, and I got my baby food ice cube trays at Amy Grant's yard sale...and in the 5 seconds I had to talk to her I told her I was buying Ice cube trays for baby food and she smiled and nodded and it was only a teeny bit awkward. lol is the site I went to for ideas and suggestions.

Bethany D said...

It is so easy! I make almost all of Tyler's food. You don't even need to cook foods like peaches, mangos, and papaya. I actually used mini muffin pans. Once they are frozen, pop them out and store them in baggies in the freezer.
And I second Jamie on That's a great website. Don't bother with a baby food processor. Just use yours.

Anonymous said...

Yes! you should totally make your own baby food. It's fun and I get this sick satisfaction (uncontrollable, really) out of seeing my babies eat something that came totally from MY hands and my hands only. It's even better when you've grown it yourself. :) (Which, by the looks of your cute garden, you can do!)

It's wonderful to do and, yes, you are the "type" to make your own baby food.

I started with avocado and banana mixed (sounds horrific, I know.) and the kids LOVED it.

Anonymous said...

I would try the Baby Bullet. Its the same as the magic bullet, but it comes with baby containers to store food. It also has the a dial to show the date you made it. Its awesome!!