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My favorite smell in the world is lilac. Our backyard is lined with nine lilac bushes and they fill the air with the strongest, most fantastic lovely smell.

I remember last year, Rory and I were taking a walk in Gretna and found a backyard filled with lilac bushes just like our place in Minneapolis. We were smelling the flowers when the owners of the home came outside. By the time we left their yard they invited us to come back with vases and scissors to cut our own bouquets. And we did. A couple different times over the next 10 days.

I think that is how lilacs should work...if you don't have your own, you should really find someone to make you a bouquet. And if you have a whole bunch, you should be responsible to share them with others. The blooming season is just so short, it should really be enjoyed by as many people as possible. Let me know if you need a lilac partner and I'll hook you up :)


Truly His said...

New follower! Love your blog!! Lilacs are my favorite too. My parents had a row of them in our yard....reminds me of childhood!

[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

I too get absolutely intoxicated by the smell of darling lilacs. I have been scheming how I could get some bushes planted in our backyard this year, before it's too late for lilac season, even though they're not exactly in the ol' gardening budget this season... :