today's the day

I'm celebrating 30 years today. So crazy. And so good. I like where I'm at in life and don't feel too taken aback by such a number. I feel strongly that a woman is her most beautiful between 35 and 45, so the best is yet to come. This means I might be a wreck on my 45th birthday. But not on this one.
I've seen this done a lot on various blogs as a way to mark the year and to set goals for the 365 days ahead. So here is my list of 30 hopes in my 30th year.

(And, a tip from my mom: When you make a list, it is always important to write down a few things that you have already done that day so that you can cross things off the list to get your engines fired up. You'll notice a few of these are already done. Go me!)

1. New hair color and style
2. Host a Favorite Things party
3. Join the Y
4. Learn how to use the manual mode on our camera
5. Make a small quilt
6. Keep a prayer journal
7. Use my water colors
8. Join a creative arts club
9. Create a place where Bible can stay out all the time
10. Make modge podge art scenes

11. Collect frames for wall collages
12. Print pics, fill frames and hang on the wall

13. Paint the bedroom
14. Make this kind of bread15. Pick color scheme for wardrobe overhaul
16. Finish and print 2010 digi scrapbook pages
17. Make lemon ice and eat it with my sister
18. Get a consistent plan together for visiting Mount Olivet Home

19. Honor the Sabbath
20. Eat more veggies
21. Write and mail letters by hand
22. Introduce Ivar to Lake Superior
23. Make cupcakes with large decorating tip
24. Try a few new soup recipes
25. Find a monthly mom's group
26. Keep writing
27. Make a picture slide show for Grandma's party
28. Present my 'Passing on the Faith' workshop
29. Frequent the library
30. Grow fresh herbs


Nancy Holte said...

Happy Birthday, Becca! Looks like you have a fabulous year ahead!

Brad said...

Happy Birthday!

margaret harrington said...

Happy Birthday daughter!You brought so much joy into our life 30 years ago and continue to bless us each day!

Paige said...

Happy, happy birthday, Becca! Your list looks inspiring...think I just may have to make one of my own. Oh, & as for the "join a monthly mom's group", I've got the BEST group for you. Go to & find a MOPS group in your area. It's an amazing Christian group that has been such a blessing to me over the last 5 years of motherhood. You'll love what it's all about. Enjoy your special day! Love to you!!!

annika said...

I especially like 17!!! I'm missing you like crazy and counting down the weeks til I can see you. I love your list!