so funny

I opened my present from Sara and Troy and Sara had sewn this amazing apron out of a table runner that she had received from Rory's grandma. The apron is adorable and even has a pocket for your cell phone. The apron is stunning, a true work of art and such an awesome gift.

We talked about this apron for a long time, stopped to take pictures, and admired all of the work that went into it. And then I opened my gift from Lisa and Kyle.
They too got me an apron. And it's gorgeous. But this one wasn't handmade and Lisa was hysterical to watch as this whole series of events unfolded. When we were admiring Sara's craftsmanship, she had sent Josie under the table to grab their gift and hide it. The card would be enough. But Josie came back from under the table defeated, "there are bars! I can't reach it!" I opened this second glorious apron and it was a funny moment in Groves gift giving.

Lisa is also an amazing seamstress, and actually I thought she had made hers as well because the fabrics and ribbons are all so crafty. I love them both and am so happy to be starting a pretty apron collection.
Here they both are...I plan on wearing them separately from here on out.


annika said...

These are great pictures! I can just imagine Lisa telling Josie to crawl under the table to retrieve the repeat gift! But what beautiful aprons. You'll have them forever now.

[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

I love this story about your sistahs. I can just picture how it all went down...