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squeeky clean

Ivar loves to take baths as much as I do. Though he is more fond of sucking wet towels while taking his baths than I am. I like bath time at our house because it is such a family affair. Bath time means all three of us are huddled closely together at the end of the day. And I think it will stay that way for a while because I am afraid to give Ivar a bath without Rory nearby to help with the wet-baby-into-dry-towel transfer. That's a tricky, wiggly, slippery maneuver. So until I find my third and forth arms, each night around 7 you can find the three of us splashing together in our kitchen sink.

1 comment:

Jamie Willow said...

random comment: I am jealous you have a windowsill! and it is so cute! I have a window but no sill...what is up with that?! clearly a house designed by a man.

You look super cute giving Ivar his bath :)