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shocking news

After almost four months of excuses, I finally clipped Ivar's finger nails. I have been downright phobic. I can't remember if I was present for or if I was just traumatized by the story, but my sister once clipped her firstborns fingernails and accidentally drew blood. Either way, I have been avoiding the clippers. Instead we have filed Ivar's nails, but this takes a lot longer and still left him with little razors on the ends of his fingers.

So today I picked up those baby clippers with great bravery and held tight to my little guys hand. And you know what? It wasn't that bad.


Anonymous said...

So funny. I remember clipping Beck (my 1st)'s nails for the first time. I drew blood. He screamed. I bawled. My husband laughed. Yep; I totally get your phobia.

Jamie Willow said...

I still haven't clipped Judah's nails! I am not that brave. I just pick them and peel them and once in a while Lance would file them.
Now when his nails sort of tear he brings them over to me and says "owie" and I pick them. I still can't bring myself to clip. Plus at this point I am not sure he would let me...

you go mama!

[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

Did you buy those clippers I told you about? They seriously make the task so so easy!

p.s. Adorable pic of the little dude. :)