a good kick in the pants

I read Beth Moore's blog and I love it. It continually encourages me, redirects my thinking, realigns my priorities and sometimes it just plain offers a kick in the hiney to get back in the Bible, to memorize God's word and to start talking to Jesus again.
Well, I just got a swift kick. I read on of her posts on Saturday night and it stopped me in my tracks, got me to open up my Bible before I went to bed and to pray again like I mean it.
I think you should read her post from Saturday night. It got me excited to be a part of God's family and made me want to dive deeper. One way to dive deeper is to memorize scripture. On her blog, Beth encourages her readers to memorize one verse every two weeks. This way, by 2012, we should have 26 verses memorized. Completely doable.
I have trouble figuring out what verse I should memorize, but in her comments each week people from all over the world write the verse that they are memorizing and somewhere in those comments I find the verse the stands out for me and my circumstances.
This is a New Years resolution that I feel really committed to. There could be nothing more fruitful than to meditate on God's word! And I'm so excited to grab hold of my personal walk with God again. So I'm starting with Isaiah 2:3. I hope you join me!

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