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cleaning out the clutter

A while back I read this post from Donald Miller and was inspired to simplify and online life. So I went through all of the blogs that I subscribe to and got rid of half of them. It was hard to do, but I have to say my life is fine without those blogs and I am actually aware of the extra time that has magically been added to my every day.

The strange thing is that after I rid my google reader of these blogs, I actually felt the exact same good feeling I feel when my house is clean, or after I clean out a closet. Simplifying and organizing just plain feels good.

And on a sort-of-related thought, I have been cleaning my house differently lately. It used to be that I would start cleaning the bathroom and take a water glass from in there and bring it to the kitchen, and then I would load the dishwasher and clear off the counter, bringing papers to my desk where I would get hung up trying to organize my paper life. While organizing my desk I would return a book to the living room where I'd see the mess on the coffee table. And after 30 minutes of this, I had nothing to show for my efforts. Every room looked "sort of" clean.

So I am now cleaning only one room at a time. And it works. If I completely finish the bathroom first, I often find the enthusiasm to hit the next room. If I tucker out in the next room (or more likely, Ivar wakes up) I still have one clean room to show for my time.

Try this cleaning method. I know it sounds obvious, but it was hard for me to do at first. And it has actually changed my attitude towards daily house work. (well, that might be a bit extreme...)

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Unknown said...

Hi Rebecca! I'm glad that you decided to clean up your blog. It's nice to see people keeping their online nest neat. Do you do the house cleaning daily? As for me, because we have a spacious home, I rely some help from commercial cleaning (NYC) services with cleaning of big rooms and the garden. I think the kitchen and bathrooms are very important 'coz it's where we (if you're like me) feel comfortable, so I leave the job to janitorial services (NYC). I like to keep those rooms real clean. Do you have some special containers or shelves where you keep the clutter?