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my boys

This was Ivar and Rory today before church. I am so glad I got this picture because I'm starting to notice a strong correlation between the cuteness of Ivar's clothes and blowout diapers and/or massive amounts of spit up. It seems the cuter the outfit, the faster he does something bodily that necessitates a costume change.

Today we lasted three minutes in church before I felt wetness on my leg...which was coming from the wetness on my son's back...which was coming from the wetness in his diaper. I wasn't at all put off by the mess we had on our hands, but I was so sorry he had to change out of his cute outfit before I could show him off!

vanity, vanity...


annika said...

oh, that is the cutest picture!
i miss you all!

Marlene said...

I got one quick peek just before you scooted out to change him. He's adorable in whatever he's wearing!!!!