our blessed baby

Rory's dedication

Becca's baptism

When Rory and I were dating we had a lot of long conversations about how we would raise our kids with our different denominational backgrounds. It never felt like our upbringings were really at odds with each other though. We both were taught of the love of Jesus and felt committed to our callings to serve God and the world and people he created.

When the conversation came up about infant baptism vs. dedication we sort of picked apart what the hope is for each. And maybe we oversimplified, and I'm sure there are some theologians out there who might take issue with our decision, but for us, infant baptism and dedication are both a public proclamation of the parents saying, "this is God's kid. we're committed to raise him to love Jesus, to know his Maker and to study and live out God's word." And in either service the onus is on God- this is God's work, this baby is God's masterpiece, and we the parents, family and sponsors gathered here promise to do our part to make sure the seeds of faith are planted and nurtured.

In the past month, Ivar was both baptized and dedicated. This may be unconventional and abnormal, but for us it felt right. Both days were holy and wonderful. Both days our baby was surrounded by faithful family and friends who promise to walk beside us as we raise Ivar to love and fear our God. And both days were us recognizing and remembering that Ivar is God's kid first and now it is our great responsibility to raise him in the faith so that he may know and love Jesus like we know and love Him.

Ivar's baptism

Ivar's dedication


annika said...

Beautiful! I loved seeing the pictures of your baptism and Rory's dedication and Ivar's special days! Ivar is doubly blessed!

Anonymous said...

Becca, this morning I visited your blog for the first time in a long time, and I loved every minute of reading the joy you and your husband have in Ivar. What a gorgeous baby, and how blessed he is to have parents who first and foremost want him to know our gracious and loving Lord.

Merry Christmas to you and blessings for the new year. We miss you in Nebraska, and it's plain to see why you wanted to be near family. Peace, Jim and Vera Hummel

sarah in the woods said...

Beautiful! God has truly blessed Ivar with wonderful parents.

[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

I love the clothing from the first two pictures. :)