our first day of school


Rory insisted we take a first day of school picture of me and the baby just before we left for our first night of birthing classes. I thought this was a sweet idea.

We are in a class with six other couples, and we are all having our first baby. It's a really nice group of people with everyone feeling as under prepared for this whole thing as the next person. We have a kick of a teacher who has taught this class for 20 some years, and I am hanging on her every word. There is just so much to absorb and consider.

When we walked to our car tonight I told Rory, "I got the impression in there that this is going to hurt very badly."

I've been getting more and more anxious lately about the birthing part lately and the only mantra that ever comes to my head is, "can't go over it. can't go around it. got to go through it." So, I think we'll go through with it.


Jamie Willow said...

you know that song of Sara's off of her Station Wagon CD...small piece of you is the song...where she's being kind of funny (well, the background singers actually) and mentions the pain of childbirth...every time I listened to that song while I was pregnant I would start crying...lol.

for me, the less I knew the less fear I had...so I skipped all the classes/books etc...I only took a breastfeeding class. which made me feel good about it all because bfeeding gets your body back into working condition and is great for the baby. That was stuff I liked learning about.

as for the actual childbirth...

all I have to say is Epidural.


annika said...

gorgeous picture of you and your growing belly!
i laughed at your montra. that's a good one!
glad to hear you have a good teacher and i hope you can get to know some of the other moms and maybe even meet up after babies are born. (i think the women in our birthing class were too tired and too nervous to be social.)

[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

I loved our birthing class too. We knocked it out in two painfully long days, but it was worth it to go and just learn new things and have things I already knew reinforced.

And - I know it's a very individual choice, and there is no right or wrong choice - but for me, I adored my epidural.

A. Dor. Ed.

Best thing evah.


Jamie Willow said...

oh, and I couldn't watch those TLC shows like "baby story" cause I would also start crying...

or really any show that addressed childbirth or pregnancy...I excused myself many times from tv time to go take a bath where i'd try to mentally escape the idea of giving birth.

In the end though, you are just so relieved to finally have the little one, you could kind of care less about what it takes for it to happen.

Anonymous said...

1. HOLY MOLY. You are a beautiful pregnant mama!

2. So great that your birthing class is filled with fun couples.

3. I just know you'll be good at giving birth...but if it turns out you aren't, take comfort in the fact that you have been really good at carrying the baby and you'll be really good at raising the baby. How he/she gets from here to there? We don't have to be good at that part, we just have to do it. :)

heidiboehnen said...

You are going to do amazing Bec! A couple of the verses that really encouraged me through labor were Psalm 34:17-The righteous cry out and the Lord hears them. You are not alone in this, not only is God with you and so ready to deliver your precious gift, but you have an incredible encouraging husband by your side. I also felt challenged by Romans 12:1-Therefore I urge you brothers, in view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God-this is your spiritual act of worship. I am confident that God will give you words to cling to in your most desperate moments and we are praying you through girl! Love you so much!

The Rings. said...

So glad you and Rory are taking a childbirth class together! I don't know if we remember much about the class, but at the time it was very helpful. The best part was meeting a couple we still get together with monthly and our little girls join us!

Nancy Holte said...

Just for the record, I went into hysterics when I was just about at the stage you're at during my first pregnancy. I think it's a pretty normal thing to panic right about now. Take heart, whatever method you choose to use to get your baby into the world, you'll do great. There is no right way to have a baby. If you do choose to do "natural" childbirth all I can say is practice, practice, practice the breathing tips they teach you. They are invaluable. If you choose to have an epidural, you still might want to practice a bit, too. Be prepared - it's the Girl Scout motto. :-)