...it went over well

I know the recipients of this cake very well and was quite confident that Sara and Lisa would appreciate this rainbow of goodness as much as I already loved it. But the sounds of sheer glee that came out of our three mouths as I cut the first piece were louder and more excited than I could have ever imagined. They loved it, and that means a lot because these two are always raising the bar in their baking endeavors. (Though it is possible that my squeeling may have been the loudest. I was just so pleased with how the cake cut and kept yelling, "It's perfect! It cuts perfect" while flailing the large knife and cake server in my hand.)
It tasted pretty good too. Which was completely not the point of this cake. But a nice added bonus.
So HAPPY BIRTHDAY LADIES! I am blessed beyond words to have these two favorite friends of mine as my family FOREVER.


Mark H said...

That is one impressive cake.

Jessica Elsen said...

I've become addicted to your blog! I don't know if that is a good thing, or bad. I love keeping up on it, and I LOVE, LOVE, L O V E this cake! I am totally making it one day :)

Marlene said...

Those are my "girls"! WOW! Can't believe God has blessed me with them. Love, Love, Love!

Jamie Willow said...

I am in awe of your cake making prowess. amazing.

Lisa Groves said...

Let me tell ya..this was stunning as well as amazingly delicious!!!!!!!!! The frosting! Hmmmmm YUM!!!! It is my cell phone screensaver and i LOVE to share the story of that picture with everyone!!!! I am honored!

[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

I keep wondering what you're going to do for Rory's birthday cake next month to top the one you made for your sisters-in-law!