get your homer hanky


Thanks to Rory's folks, we got to go to our first Twins game at Target Field last night. Being residents of Hennepin County, Rory and I feel a special connection to this field...knowing that our very own tax dollars helped build this new stadium. And will continue to help pay for the stadium. For a long time.

But let me tell you, our tax dollars looked lovely last night. Target Field is pretty amazing and we had the greatest date night. The Twins won by a lot, which made for a fun game with things happening in each inning. That's important for me in baseball. Plus, there is just a whole lot of stadium to check out, lots of food to be eaten (felt a lot like the state fair) and a beautiful fall evening to take in. Thanks mom and dad groves!


sembatgirl said...

Just for the record, you look beautiful in this shot! However, isn't it only September in MN -- why the many layers? Yikes! :) It's 60 degrees and pouring here... I think I'd prefer MN. :)

[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

Yes! I am so glad you got to go! GREAT pic, too.

As you know, I didn't respond to your email, but we were not there. :) Wish we would have been, if only to have gotten to see you guys!

Did you get my email about potentially coming over either 9/23 or 9/30?