the grand finale

Last Thursday was our last day at camp with campers. We successfully completed 8 weeks of summer camps with kiddos and I feel really good about the mission we accomplished.

Friday was a massive work-project day, cleaning each site, taking down tipis and tent cabins, moving bunk beds, taking apart cots, giving the community garden some serious tlc, organizing all of the art, day camp, team-building equipment and cleaning every nook and crany imaginable. Truth is, I LOVE a good work-project day. I am just like my dad in this respect...I love organizing and getting things back into place. It was a great day for me.

Saturday was the annual Carol Joy Holling Quilt Auction day. It was superb as always and I've got lots more to say about this day.

Sunday was our last day with summer staff before they departed for the school year. We worshipped and ate together one last time and then said goodbyes 73 times. I am really going to miss this staff. I felt really connected to this group of people.

Now it's Monday and I am utterly exhausted. But in a good, fulfilled way. Camp is quiet today and it feels like a good day for lots of deep breaths of gratitude for a safe summer, another growing summer and all sorts of funny one-of-a-kind memories that summer camp provides so faithfully.

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