emotions have caught up to logic


All of these files are now empty. I am cleaning out my office this week, and the fact that I am leaving this place is finally starting to hit. Our moving back to Minnnesota makes all the logical sense in the world- we want our kids close to family, our renters are moving out of our house leaving it vacant with a mortgage to be paid each month, I would have been changing my working hours anyway because of this baby and Rory is eager to get his company back to Minneapolis.

But all of those known reasons still don't make it any easier to walk away from a job that was giving me so many opportunities to do all of the things I love: write Bible studies and devotionals, plan senior retreats, speak in front of all sorts of groups about the importance of passing on the faith to the next generation, invest in and learn from a hopeful group of college students, organize crafting nights and to get to be a part of God's kingdom work here in Nebraska.

One week from today is my last day at Carol Joy Holling and two weeks from today I will be waking up on Girard Avenue in Minneapolis. That's a whole lot to process at the moment.

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where the hart is said...

Um..so this post made me cry. I am so excited for you, but the selfish part of me wants you at CJH forever! Hope your last week goes great, Becca. Miss you!