I just emailed Ali Edwards a quick question regarding the type case picture display that I made. My pictures keep falling out, so I wondered what kind of adhesive she used to mount her pictures to the wooden frame.

She emailed me back within 60 seconds. And I about fell out of my chair. I admire her stuff so much, copy her projects so often (flattery, right?) and appreciate her spin on memory keeping.

A while back I emailed Cathy Zielske a question about where to order my Monthly album pages and when she replied I screamed and told Rory to "Get in here! You'll never believe who emailed me back!"

It's so funny how excited I got with both of these email replies. I know that in the greater world out there most people would say, "Ali who?" "And Cathy does what again?" But in the niche that I frequent, the niche that I love hanging out in, these women are huge and I really admire their work.

(I also think it's interesting to note that celebrities used to mainly be actors and rockstars...but now with blogs and youtube, celebrities can really pop up anywhere, as a tribe (thank you Seth Godin) can form around any particular interest or topic.)

I have seen many people meet my sister-in-law Sara. She's a singer and when fans get to meet her they often want to convey volumes of how her music has influenced their life, helped them through dark seasons and motivated them to take an active role in God's kingdom. And so often, when they finally get to the front of the line to tell Sara all of these things they end up tongue tied and awkward. (The funny thing is that when I was with Sara one time, we met Beth Moore, and I watched Sara herself become the one who was trying to convey years worth of learnings into one short conversation. And she was struggling to get the words out just like I had seen her fans struggle to get their words out while meeting her.)

It's so difficult, because at the core, I think we each want to say to these people: You have changed the way I see things and do things. I have been affected by your contribution to the world. I am inspired and now to want to contribute honest, thoughtful things too.


Anyway, these are just my thoughts while I'm trying to process the fact that my excited head is still screaming on repeat, "Ali Edwards replied to me! Ali Edwards replied to me!"

And speaking of inspiring people, remind me sometime to tell you about the time I met Leslie Nielsen at the Phoenix airport. That might be the end-all-be-all to starstruck interactions. :)

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scotirish said...

The first time I met her she wasn't a "celebrity", just a little past 3 months old. Her parents had a whole lot of faith and I can't stress that enough. Her grandparents, they had the faith that moved mountains, at least thats what they were trying to do, was move mountains, mountains that didn't want to move as well. And then there was 'Mom Carter' pettite, diminuitive she stood like a giant declaring her faith to the faithless, hope to the hopeless and telling me "God has a plan for your life".

It was Christmas time and the cry of a baby reminded the sordid lot of convicts assembled together that night that a baby came into the world to bring peace. Sara may have influenced the lives of many during her 10 years of singing but on this night she would do it with just the mere wimperings of a baby.

My name is John Thomson and last year Sara and Troy called me live each night of her "O Holy Night Tour" to share this special story. You did say you enjoyed a good story.