7 months and one week

I didn't take a picture last Monday so this is a week off of my seven month picture, but here I am in all my growing glory. The shirt I'm wearing used to be my favorite maternity shirt, but after reviewing this picture I am now aware that my belly has shortened it by many inches and it may need to be retired.

I'm still feeling good. My ankles are enormous which at the moment is more amusing than annoying. Honestly, by the end of the day it is as if someone has poked a straw into my feet and inflated them just to the point of popping. Then I go to bed, and they slowly deflate so that in the morning I have normal feet, but by the next night I wonder if my feet might just fly away. And I have had a really gross cough for over three weeks now. Coughed so hard I bruised a rib or pulled a muscle or something horribly painful. But that's getting better now. Most importantly, my energy is still up and I continue to live in awe of the love we have for this little life inside of me.

My favorite memory from this month was from Mt. Carmel. Rory was holding my belly and the baby extended a foot or something for super prolonged periods of time. This was different from the quick, hard kicks I have been getting lots of lately. This was slow motion and we felt so close to our baby in these moments of contact. We were sitting on the deck at Mount Carmel and I guess I just hope that I never forget the magic we felt, feeling so connected to our little baby; feeling so much like a little family.


sarah in the woods said...

You look so good for seven months! I was so big!
It's so wonderful that you all are able to really appreciate this sweet time together as a growing family.

[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

Lookin' good, sista!

Becca Groves said...

Sarah, it should be noted that Rory commented after seeing this picture, "I think you are much bigger than this picture seems to show." Next time I'll have him take the picture for a more accurate view (the side profile is way more flattering than straight on at the moment...)

von Dohren said...


You look absolutely beautiful in that picture!! I am so happy for you and Rory. I hope you hold on those magical moments. Love you tons!!