for such a time as this

I remember when my hips appeared. I was probably 13, and I didn't like them. I thought they made me look fat. And I remember my mom trying to tell me that curves are beautiful and besides, one day I'll have a baby and then I'll be so happy I have hips because it will make delivery that much easier.

I think it is so funny that my mom brought up childbirth as a reason to appreciate event that was still 16 years off in the future for that little 13 year old.

But you know...she was right. I am feeling healthy and strong in this pregnancy, and I suppose I've got my hips and my thighs to thank. And I'm pretty sure I've never thanked my thighs before.

Well, this week I am 24 weeks along, which with my own math, since I find months and weeks confusing, I am considering 6 months. A lot happened in the last four weeks. Just look at this picture at 5 months compared to the one above!

At Hyvee on Tuesday the cashier excitedly asked me when I was due, and I was so happy to tell her because she was the very first person who didn't know I was pregnant to inquire about my belly...

We've had some seriously hot days this week in Nebraska, but I'm doing well at staying hydrated, staying inside as much as possible and enjoying so, so much this growing, kicking bump on my belly that seems to stick out a bit more each day.


velmabredberg said...

You are beautiful Becca!

[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

You look adorable! Great belly shot!

Remind me: Will you/have you found out the gender? And if so, are you keeping it a secret from everyone? I can't remember if I should know the answers to these questions already or not. :)

Becca Groves said...

Thanks, Grandma.

And Beth, we are going to be surprised! We closed our eyes at the ultrasound and are excited for that euphoric moment when the doctor says, "It's a..."


E-Dubs said...

Woh, just read the blog...Congrats!!!!