staff training is complete...

These counselors look like they are shouting Hallelujah! I am!

These counselors look like they are ready for whatever challenges come to them this summer. They are an excited group and I could not be more thrilled with our solid staff. The past ten days were a joy.

On Sunday, we took in a baseball game. It was good to be off site for a half a day in the middle of our training. And so fun to cheer together, eat hotdogs and pretzels together and watch pastor Brad throw out the first pitch..

But this is what we left back at camp. Tell me how glorious this is!! We had lovely weather, perfect for ever activity and spent much of the ten days outside. Love that.

We got supplies organized for Day Camp Groups. I delegated this project out to a staff person who gets me. When I cam back to find this shelf so nice, I almost cried. I had this vision in my head, and magically, she just did it.

All 30 horses spent a lot of time in training, preparing for a summer of campers on their backs. Our wranglers are so incredible this year.

We worshiped every morning and night at a different outdoor worship site. I had forgotten just how beautiful this camp is, until we were sitting still twice a day with time to take it all in.

We sang lots and we ate lots. We have a new chef at camp who treated us to a fancy dinner before the camp food hits. Last night he made us fresh sushi that was divine, homemade sesame meatballs, blue cheese stuffed mushrooms (sad day, preggers can't have that...) and many other delicious things that we were surely never see again all summer. Now we're on to chicken strips and french toast sticks..

My happy campers. They're set for the week ahead and I can't wait to see all 75 of them in action. Rory is taking me camping tonight and I can't wait to just be with him. It was a good 10 days, but it is time to be home!