day two of summer camp

I have enjoyed the last two days of camp so, so much. Our first week of campers came yesterday and I have spent my days wandering camp, getting to know the campers and asking the counselors how it is going.

There are five sites in operation onsite at camp each week. Tonight I ate supper with Tipi site and enjoyed some Frito Pie made over the fire. Then I went to our Springs site and made a drum out of wood and packaging tape and joined a drumming session. Then I was asked to judge a sandcastle creation competition at Trailhead site (of course, everyone was a winner) and ended the evening at Ranch site watching tug-of-war and a funny lemonade relay game.

While eating supper, a camper asked me when my baby was due. I told her November and then a sweet boy in 4th grade came up to me and asked me,

"Do you know my sister, Casey?"
"Oh! Casey our wrangler?!! Sure I know her."
"No, she's not here."
"Oh, where is she?"
"Oh. Did she used to work here? Or how might I know her?"
"Well, she's 26 and she is going to have a baby in November and I thought maybe you'd just know her since you're both having babies then."

So funny. This boy is a new favorite of mine :)

The other favorite line of the evening was when the two minute warning was given at the sandcastle competition, the 2nd grade girl covered in sand and carved into a mermaid started screaming at her team, "You guys! Help me! My boobs are crumbling! You guys! I'm serious! Fix my boobs!"

Staff training is an intensive time of information and important material, but now it's just so fun to sit back and get to know the little lives we were preparing for all along.

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