back from the printer

I got a very exciting package in the mail. It was from and contained pages of my digital scrapbooking all printed out on fabulous paper with impressive color.

I wrote earlier about my April pages, and last week I completed my May pages in one morning. This sort of scrapbooking is so simple, relieves me of all my picture printing guilt and let me say it again, is so, so easy. The templates and idea are from the great Cathy Z.

If you're on the fence about digital scrapbooking, or if you've purchased photoshop elements but haven't really honed your skills, I highly highly highly recommend taking one online class from Jessica Sprague. Right now all of her classes are 20% off and after just the first Up and Running class, you will be able to make these VERY SIMPLE, VERY EASY pages with your own pictures. It's a fun and empowering new skill to have.

Here's a favorite from my May pages. This week I'm going to try to hit up March. That was a good month too...with lots of pictures just begging to be printed and placed lovingly in an album...

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Marlene said...

Maddie's 17th birthday, Jack and Josie's baptisms and Josie's Crowning - remember that day very well. You captured it all!!