Happy May Day!

I made this little bouquet a few weeks ago, knowing that it would be the May basket I would give to my neighbor friend. Rory and I delivered it this morning and we ended up sitting down for a while and reconnecting. People, this is why I love May Day. It's just a good reason to get out there and see people you haven't seen in a while.

I used the same jar I used for my fabric flowers, but filled it with coffee beans this time, instead of jellybeans. The bonus? This bouquet of paper flowers smells divine.

I found the instructions on how to make these super simple flowers here. They were really fun to make, and an easy project to do in an evening.


Anonymous said...

beautiful flowers, becca! we delivered baskets to our neighbors and we talked with john thomas about the process: hang the basket, ring the doorbell, and race away so it's a surprise. he really wanted to race away, but mostly he wanted to go back and look at the treats inside the basket that weren't going to be his... : )

Marlene said...

You're tired, aren't you? I can tell when you haven't been to your blog! Love you!