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***Stick with me for one more day of baby-talk. Then I promise we'll get back to other topics...but wow, it's hard to stop talking about the fun news I've been bottling up for so long! I just made this chain, with a link for each day until our next doctor appointments. The first heart is the heartbeat appointment and the last heart is the ultrasound. I'm so excited already.

This week my baby is the size of a grape. I was eating grapes when I read this in my baby book and it made me wonder why they choose the healthy fruits mom’s are supposed to be consuming to compare to the little life growing inside of us. It's awkward!

This week my tummy is showing a bit, but I am less convinced that it is baby and more convinced that it might just be the quarter pan of tatter tot casserole I consumed last night.

This week I’m feeling a bit nauseous, but cannot complain. Some women are miserable, and I am far from miserable. But nauseous the same. And oh so tired.

This week my baby’s heart is dividing into four chambers. Just imagine that. It blows my mind, and makes me think that these moments of feeling sicky are really okay with me. Clearly my baby is working hard in there.

This week God has been growing greater and bigger for me. I am in awe of his handiwork, knitting this babe in my womb, and how I don’t really have a whole lot to do with it. I just eat well and sleep lots, but truly, the miracle that this little life is forming fingernails right about now really has nothing to do with me. ‘Not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit’ says the Lord.

This week you might hear me say, “I’m sort of hoping for twins, because then I can say, ‘ohhhhh see? That’s why I’ve been eating so much...”

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Jamie Willow said...

what a very fun idea to do a chain :) I will not get tired of the baby talk...this is your blog and if you feel the need to talk baby talk I know plenty of people will eat it up! including myself!