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Today is Palm Sunday. On the liturgical calendar, this is a big deal Sunday...the Sunday just before Easter, the beginning of Holy Week. The week begins with this day filled with Hosannas and celebration as Jesus is welcomed into Jerusalem, and then Thursday remembers the last supper and his moments of prayer and deep sorrow in the Garden of Gethsemane. Friday walks through each agonizing moment of the crucifixion and for three days we wait until Easter Sunday, when we celebrate our Risen Messiah.

Last night on the phone my sister said, "enjoy your Palm Sunday." And I immediately felt disappointed because I knew the church we now attend is so less liturgical than what I am used to, and that the day wouldn't be celebrated. Now, to be fair, we got to the service 18 minutes late, so I might have missed something said or done. But as far as I could tell, we didn't acknowledge this day that is so revered in mainline and especially protestant churches.

But here's the thing. When we arrived (again, 18 minutes late) our pastor was just beginning his sermon and let me tell you, this guy can preach. He is so gifted for sharing God's word on Sunday morning. It always catches me off guard because he seems young (look who's trying to judge!) and the church is new and there is always a part of my self that wants to pick this place apart. But this morning was a holy spirit morning, where I really felt challenged and convicted to set my expectations aside and look at the place God has led me.

And what I saw: a faithful people gathered, listening earnestly to the word of God preached, singing hymns of praise to our Messiah. Hmmm. Sounds a lot like palm sunday.

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Melinda said...

Thank you for posting this! One of the churches we are considering switching to is also less liturgical (although it is apparently still Lutheran) and that is one of my worries about this. However, your post showed me that a liturgy isn't necessary for the Holy Spirit to be present!