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(picture from Ali Edwards)
I had high hopes of posting a tutorial today on how to make the fabric flower pots. But this weekend I got sucked into the type case project. And what a project it is. I found my type case at a garage sale last summer for fifteen bucks. Not too bad. But the squares I have to work with are very tiny, and all of the boxes are different sizes. So I spent a portion of yesterday sawing out the wooden dividers between certain squares to make bigger picture holders.

And then I spent the evening resizing favorite pictures in photoshop to fit all of the new sized squares and rectangles I need to fill.

Clearly, this would be better with pictures. I'll post those later.

At any rate, if you're chomping on the bit to make your fabric flowers (and based on emails I got this weekend, I believe many of you are), the picture tutorial I found on Donna's site is here. And then I just used the thickest wire in Michael's jewelery section and used a pliers to cut the wire and bend it around the fabric. Again, pictures would help. I'll work on that...

Until then, enjoy all of the crafty flower goodness out there!
-I saw this on Blue Cricket Design and have a dream of making a big one to pin on my frenchy bag using all of the leftover fabrics.
-And I think a few of these would be adorable standing in a bucket together.
-And I still want to make the tissue paper pom poms. I really need an event to make all of these festive things for!

Clearly, it must be spring time. I'm dying for flowers to pop up...

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Kristin said...

coolest giant picture frame ever! Can I be in the center? ;) I better send a good picture of myself!