down with boredom.

I just read a great blog post written by my former youth director and loved it. It was all about not letting yourself get bored. That boredom is an option, a life choice, and if you are bored, it really is your own lack of imagination getting in the way.

Then I read a pep talk about not being afraid to fail. Failure is not the enemy. Not trying, not creating, making excuses...those are the enemy.

So I've got a plan to play hard this weekend. It is completely overly ambitious (we've got plenty of other things going on...) but sometimes I need to make a list with big projects so that when I am looking for the activity that suits the mood, I have a few ideas to choose from.

Maybe this weekend I will...

1. copy cat Ali Edwards' Type Drawer. I found my type drawer at a garage sale last May and it has been waiting for some pictures to fill it ever since. I have a friend at camp working on my type case as we speak, sawing out dividers that make the actual picture squares too small. I can't wait to get started on this project!

2. sort through my books and start an account at paperback swap. This is a genius online library-type system my friend Sarah showed me. You list your books you'd like to give away, and start a list of books you'd like to receive. You build up points for each book you give, so you can "buy" new books with your points...

3. make some closing ceremonies snack food. We are having friends over Sunday night for the last day of the Olympics and I am hopeful to get crafty and make some themed goodies like these gold medal cookies.

4. finish my family reunion album.

Happy Weekend Everyone.

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Dawn said...

Thanks for linking to my blog Becca! I have found that my post on boredom has generated discussion with some of the most UN-boring people I know. I appreciate your insights.