t minus 20 days until...


I love everything about the Olympics. When I was in first grade, the Winter Ceremonies were in Calgary. I remember my sweet teacher, Mrs. Eves, had a different art project every day of the two weeks for us to do...a paper torch, tissue paper olympic rings, ice skates with tinfoil blades, medals covered in glitter....oh, I loved Mrs. Eves!

And most recently, the 2008 Summer Olympics are filled with nothing but sweet memories. I was at Mount Carmel that summer and the last day of summer camp was the very day of Opening Ceremonies. It had been a big, social summer, and I was exhausted. Some great friends of ours welcomed Rory and I to use their cabin across the lake anytime we wanted. So almost every night of the Olympics, Rory and I would pack a bag of snack food, head to this lovely, private cabin and watch the entire evening lineup. It was like we compensated for the 10 weeks of solid people with two weeks of living like hermits.

So get ready people. We've got some good figure skating, bob sledding and ski jumping ahead of us!

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Rory said...

don't forget curling.. It's all about the curling!!