a bit of happy news from Haiti...

We have family friends who have been in the process of adopting two 1-year-olds from Haiti since September. They were not expecting to get their little ones for another year, maybe two. But because of the circumstances, the adoption process has been sped up.

My sister sent me to this news clip featuring Kristin and her husband, Mike, who have been told to pack their bags and be ready to meet up with their kiddos any day now.

Kristin is the reason I went to Gustavus College. Which cracks me up now...that I based my college decision so solely on this one person. But as you can see in this broadcast, she and her husband are pretty great people, opening their home to care for the orphan.

To watch this segment, click here.

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sarah in the woods said...

It is such a blessing to see this. I'm so happy for your friends. Will you please pray for our pastor's family and the orphans remaining in Haiti? They are in the process of adopting from Haiti also. They had hoped that they would be seeing their two little girls soon too. 109 of the orphans from the orphanage they are adopting from are on their way to their US families. Our pastor's daughters are among the 18 who have to stay in Haiti. They need a miracle. Thank you for your prayers.