Believing God kick off day

Today is the day we begin Believing God! If you're interested in joining, please do. You can go to this site to register.

Today's task is simple: Just log into your account on this page, print the listening guide and watch the 60 minute video. When you click on "View Video," six segments will appear next to the icon, and you click on each segment one at a time. When I clicked on the first segment, I had a pop-up blocker. This is a yellow strip at the top of the on the yellow strip and scroll down to, "always allow pop-ups from this site." Hopefully that will do the trick. Then go back and click on first segment again and enjoy!

I have started a google group to organize all of our conversation. If you haven't been invited to join, and would like to be, email me at beccagroves (at) and I'll add you to the list.

1 comment:

Beth said...

I signed up! Video is on tap to be watched... Can't wait! :)