Beth Moore Bible Study...

So I mentioned this a month or so ago...and here we go!

I would LOVE to have anyone who is interested to join in a bible study with me. My church offers great studies, but they are all during the day when I'm working and it just bums me out that I am missing this sort of community. But I still want the accountability of personal faith growth, so I'm excited to give this cyber-study a try.

The process of this particular study is pretty simple: five days of printed homework each week and one hour long video to watch online each weekend. The homework takes 20-30 minutes to complete (it's a bit shorter than other studies). Beth Moore is a gifted teacher, and the way she walks you through the Bible will definitely leave you changed, challenged and excited to see what God has for you next.

Now here is the thing. When I posted about his before I had just finished BELIEVING GOD and had said that I would love to do the next study LIVING BEYOND YOURSELF next. Since then, a few have mentioned that they really want to do Believeing God, and honestly, I would not mind one bit to do it again. This one really changed the way I see my God, and I would be thrilled to do it again. I would also be thrilled to do Living Beyond Yourself too.

Maybe do this: If you're interested in joining in this good time, check out the two links above and then drop me a comment or an email telling me your two cents. I'll make the call by Wednesday so we can get started on Sunday, January 10th (THIS SUNDAY! YEAH!). I'll have instructions on how to purchase the study for $23.95, which includes the homework printout worksheets and online videos.

More details to come on how we'll interact as a group through email, but for now, just consider joining this study if you need a season of growth with your God. I promise you will not regret it.


Melinda said...

I would love to join this! Either one is fine with me, but if I had to choose, I would go with Believing God.

Beth said...

I'm in. I'm a bit worried I won't have the time to do 20-30 minutes of homework five times a week, but I'm going to try to make it work. It sounds fabulous. I'll do my best. Thanks, Becca, for organizing and leading it!

Becca Groves said...

Melinda, so glad you are in! I just posted instructions for purchasing the study and I'm so excited to hear your two cents as we grow in faith.

And Beth, don't worry about falling behind. It may happen. But any bit of study or learning you fit in will be worth it and I think you'll actually be surprised how quick the lessons go.