at a student union near you

In the next month I will visit ten different colleges to recruit my camp staff. Tuesday was my first day, and it was successful by all measures. I have the contact info for some really great potential staff, and I am excited.

But I work for that contact info. You can basically picture me standing in front of this table, saying on repeat, "Have you ever thought about working at a summer camp?" "Would you like to work at Bible Camp?" "Do you have a job this summer?" "Are you looking for a great summer gig?"

I say one of these phrases to each and every person who passes. Many pretend I am invisible. Others pretend they need to check something on their phone. Some smile kindly and still don't answer back. A few say they've got a job for the summer, or need to take classes or have an internship. But then, once in a while, in a long, long while, someone stops. They look at the board. They look at me. And then they light up. "Yeah, I have thought about it before. Where is this camp?"

And then I begin phase two: my smooth pitch. I probably said it 20 times today. And I ended up with 12 names and emails and phone numbers. Next, I will email these 12 with personal follow ups. And after ten college student unions, I should have accumulated 120 names and emails in an effort to find the 40 Summer Staff I am still looking for (We already have 30!)

So look for me. I'm the lady being ignored all day at your local college. :)

Truth is, I love this part of my job. I love that I get to be a part of God's work, calling this staff together. I also love that my skinny jeans tucked into my boots were right in style with the female college clones who all dress alike. At least I know I'm keeping up with the times.

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Dave Coker said...

You're rockiin' Becca. Keep up the good work!