thoughtful and kind

My grandma Bredberg's christmas card came today. It was a beautiful watercolor that she drew herself. And inside was this note. I just thought it summed up her thoughtfulness and generosity well. The Jago's adopted from Ghana a year ago, so their share of the money went to that orphanage. Pretty cool, grandma. And like Larry the Cucumber says, "Everybody needs a waterbuffalo. Some are fast and some are slow."


sarah in the woods said...

I love her cards and gift too. It is so special and meaningful.

Kristin said...

I loved it too! Some of the money went to the Christmas celebration for the kids at Eban house and two orphanages that they help and the rest went to their sponsorship program! I was so excited that she did this; it makes a huge difference in the families and even means allowing families stay together!