a lovely gift

Back in October I posted about a new favorite blog that inspires my socks off. Her name is Donna, and I love her stuff. I showed her work to my friend Gina, the graphic design artist at Carol Joy Holling Camp. Gina is amazing at what she does...a true artist. When I showed her the project Donna had done, she didn't seem intimidated and said, "we can do that." And so we did!

Our marketing director, Casey, had her last day at Carol Joy yesterday. She is moving to Minnesota and will still work for camp, just via skype and lots of emails. So we made her a going away present. Casey doesn't like butterflies, which cracks us up. I never even thought it was an option to not like butterflies. So we decided to make her an art piece centered on a butterfly with a cheesy butterfly quote: Casey, it's like you always say, "Love is like a butterfly: It goes where it pleases and it pleases where it goes." (please groan here.) Ha!

Gina got a frame for it, and honestly, it turned out stunning. And Casey loved it. And plans to hang it in her brand new house in Minnesota! We were honored and I am inspired to make a few more of these just with flowers. I LOVE the bright colors.

This is Gina and her daughter Evalyn showing off our materpiece.

And finally, we made Casey her own NLOM (Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries) sweatpants. She has joked many times that if she is working from home and skyping in to meetings, she really will never have to put on a full outfit. Just a nice shirt and sweats will do. And now she's set.

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Lisa Groves said...

So, did you just do iron ons for the letters on the tu-kus?? Cute job