get your tickets!

The concert on Thursday night was really great...nicely thought through, with lots of media used during each song. If you are in Minnesota, I really, REALLY encourage you to get tickets for the show in Alexandria on the 17th or the show in the twin cities on the 18th. You will not regret it.

The concert began with a reading by Sara, wondering what it was like for Jesus to leave paradise to come to earth for the sins of man. And wondering how excited the angels must have been for that moment, when God was born in baby form, God with us. The whole concert kept this depth of the Christmas story...told anew in many ways, but always the same true story.


Lisa Groves said...

So Kyle picked Jack up from school today and took him striaght to Alexandrai for the concert tonight! Fun surprise for all! Mom, Josie and I are heading out Friday night to the show as well, can't wait!

Renee said...

We had to miss the concerts here in MN but I'm sure they were great!! On another note, my mom and dad live in Des Moines and attended the same concert you were at. (They loved it, BTW) Mom knows your connection with Sara, and your connection with me and NLOM, so when Sara announced that you were in attendance, she so badly wanted to come meet *you* after the concert. However, the couple that they came with needed to leave right away. So, she was a bit disappointed :(. Wanted to let you know that she was thinking of you :).

Hope you are doing well. Things continue to busy here. going into the third year of ministry at work, and pray God's blessings. I'm amazed how He is opening doors for conversation and spiritual care with the staff here, too. God is good! Ryan and I are also in the beginning stages of starting a church in Hastings, MN, so we ask for your prayers. If you are home for an extended time for Christmas, give me a shout and we can do coffee again. Cool to think you've been in NE for nearly a year now. Merry Christmas, Becca!