a few more thanksgiving pics

We had a lovely thanksgiving at Kyle and Lisa's. This was the first year that my family and Rory's family teamed up for one shared meal. The last five years, Rory and I have had thankgiving dinner at 1:00 and again at 5:00 with our two families. I love that I always get to see both families on every holiday and that it works out this way, but I must say it was SO GREAT to get to eat the meal this year and then not have to go anywhere. We got to just lay around and read the paper and play Mexican Train and 20 questions. My folks and my grandma came and it made for a lovely dinner and loving company all around.

I have to get the recipe for these whipped sweet potatoes with toasted marshmellows. I remember the first holiday I had these and it changed my life forever. Lisa did not disappoint...look at those golden marshmellows!!!

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