Happy Birthday Mom!

I have found my favorite cupcake recipe ever. Check out this color explosion. I've already written about how I'm not super afraid of food dyes, and my love for this cupcake confirms that I absolutely have no fear. What I do have is pure joy from the rainbow of color found in this cupcake.

This cupcake is dedicated to my mom, who is celebrating her 63rd year today. I love you so much mom and hope you have a fabulous day. She should...She told me that today she plans on driving around delivering amaryllis flower bulbs to friends in the area. That basically sums up my mom...giving gifts to others on her own birthday. And then tonight she's going to the st. olaf christmas concert. Lovely. So here's to a wonderful, happy birthday. Love you, mom!

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sembatgirl said...

Hey girl! You read "best bites" too?? :) Yay for fun recipes! I miss you!