the bummer about cell phones...

Remember when the phone would ring at your house growing up and someone would yell, "I'll get it!" or someone would yell, "somebody needs to get that!" or someone would yell, "I'm going to the bathroom! GET THE PHONE!"

And then remember how when you answered you had no idea who was on the other end? And how no matter who was on the phone you were socially obligated to have some sort of conversation? When I would pick up at our house growing up, the person on the other end might have been a friend of my mom's or a person from church looking for my dad. It might have been a friend of my brother's or it might have been my grandma. Regardless, some sort of small talk followed after picking up the phone.

I miss that. In the day of cell phones and caller id, there is never really a moment when you just answer your phone and don't know who it is. Even if it says, "Unknown caller" we know that obviously that person's number is not in our phone already, so we might as well screen that call and see if they leave a message.

But I think we're missing out. Because in those small talk conversations with my mom's friends or the woman at church who was calling to see if Dad could come to the hospital, conversation was shared and my community grew just a little bit bigger.


Casey Fuerst said...

Please tell me you aren't really posting these in the middle of the night and that fancy computer geek hubby has these set to autopost. Cause if I have to add happy-24-hours-a-day to my understanding of you, it might be too much to handle!

Love you Becca!

sarah in the woods said...

I kind of think the bummer about cell phones is really the opposite. You have to take the thing everywhere or it's Why don't you take your phone with you? or How come I can never get a hold of you? or You must be avoiding me because you don't answer my calls. Erg! Give me a phone without all the strings attached!

Shannon said...

i agree! cell phones have not added to my quality of life. and, if i ever had an emergency, i could probably just ask the human being closest to me to help me. and, if there's nobody around, that probably means the cell phone won't work anyway!

and, john has me totally paranoid about the potential damage i'm doing to my brain from the electromagnetic waves transmitted by my phone.