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...these are a few of my favorite things...

I have a few staples that I tend to give for gifts. And I thought it would be fun to share my old faithful's in case you have someone on your list for whom these gift ideas might be perfect.
1. My all-time-favorite-gift-to-give is The Jesus Storybook Bible. I don't care if you are six or ninety-six, this is the Bible for you. The subtitle of this Bible is, "Every story whispers his name" and as you read each Old Testament story, the last paragraph points to Jesus. And as you read each New Testament story, the last paragraph points back to the prophesy fulfilled, the promise made true. It has solid theology, beautiful pictures and inspired writing. 2. When I was little I played for hours on end with my whiteboard and whiteboard markers. I gave this gift to my niece, Josie, a few years ago for her birthday and now each year I just get her new markers at Target. Because there is nothing like juicy whiteboard markers.

3. I became a believer in the power of aromatherapy when I found Mrs. Meyer's

Clean Day Dish Soap (Gardenia Scent). Honest to goodness, doing the dishes became more enjoyable. And that is saying a lot. I gave this as a gift to my sistah's for their birthday and we all look back at that season with our Gardenia dish soap as the happiest of dish washing. Unfortunately the Gardenia scent is hard to find in stores, so you have to order it online...which is a deterrent for me. But at $3.99 I may just order a bunch in bulk for future gifts. You may find it odd to give dish soap, but just wait until you smell it.

4. Another favorite children's book, for all ages. You Are Special by Max Lucado is my favorite book of all time, all about small wooden people who spend their every day giving each other stars or dots depending on what they can do, what they look like, how they articulate themselves. But one little wooden person has no stars or dots on her. She says they don't stick to her, because she visits the woodcarver every day. It's a beautiful analogy for us and how we let others judge us, but how God made us free of other people's judging. Again, ages 6 to 96, this is a great book.

5. Nothing can beat mod podge and sponge brushes. Every age can mod podge and the projects of creativity that can come from this stuff are endless. I recently saw kitchen cupboards that were covered in ripped scrapbook paper via modpodge. They were stunning and perfect for the creative workspace I saw them in. (You can get mod podge and sponge brushes at Michael's or any craft supply store.)

6. I've always been a huge fan of punch balloons. No matter what amazing present you pair a punch ballo0n with, the punch balloon always gets the attention and played with first. Cheap, delightful and easy to find in the party supply aisle.

7. I am throwing the Ron Popeil Food Dehydrator on my list, not because I have ever given one away. Nor because I have even ever received one. But it is on my list because I asked for a Ron Popeil Food Dehydrator for seven years in a row of my life for christmas and for my birthday. I had the infomercial memorized and was sure my life would be complete if only I could make my own banana chips, beef jerky and fruit roll ups. I still think it would make a lovely gift, and therefore made this top ten list.

8. Table Topic cards. I love these things and the conversations they spark. There are all sorts of topics from travel to girls night to family to date night. Rory and I have the travel cards in our jeep and whip them out when road trips get long.

9. Along the lines of modpodge, I think giving art supplies to kids or crafty types is another super thoughtful and imaginative gift.

10. My mother-in-law has kept a 10 year journal for as long as Rory can remember. There are only four lines for each day, and just the noteworthy things get written down. The first year it is like any other journal, but because all ten years of the same date are on the same page, this journal gets better and better each year. Simply by opening to November 23, I can see what we were up to last year at this time, and the year before that etc... It's a very simple memory keeping technique and makes for some great story sharing. My bff, Heidi, uses hers as her kids' baby books, writing down notable moments or funny things they say. Perfect and simple.

Anyone have any favorite gifts to give to add to the list? Leave me a comment! I'm in need of more ideas since my family and friends have been saturated in the gifts listed above!


Unknown said...

Check out She's been listing good gifts for a few weeks. I think it's under her Home and Garden section. Thanks for the inspiration!

Jamie Willow said...

fun! my husband just bought me the table topics as an "i'm sorry" gift. lol. it's fun.

I love the 10 yr journal, what a great idea. that's on my list now :)

and I love the bible you gifted us (baby J) :) it is a great one!

I'm a terrible gift buyer, I never know what to get or what to ask I'm not going to be much inspiration :)

Becca Groves said...

Nicki, I love pioneerwoman. Have you seen her new cookbook? I have heard good, good things about it and now I can't wait to go and check out her home and garden section...thanks so much for the tip!

Jamie, I have a hard time believing that you are a terrible gift buyer. Seriously...I can't really believe that to be true! But I know you will LOVE the 10 year journal. It's like a mini-blog :)

Rory said...

i hear you can save a lot of money on beef jerky with the food dehydrator.

Penny Smith said...

OH, I am a HUGE fan of the Pioneer Women, and I pre-bought her cookbook, and it is FABULOUS!!

LOVE your ideas! Already forwaded one to a friend!