a joyful noise

I run the Adults with Special Needs programming here at Carol Joy Holling Camp. Today we had an impromptu recital.

As we gathered for a sing-a-long a man walked up to the piano, set up his music (brought from home in a special folder) and asked for everyone to be quiet and then he prayed before his song. He thanked God for the piano and for his voice and for music. Then he cleared his throat, and began playing any which keys, singing the lyrics on this sheet music to a tune that was created as he sang it. The song was, "I could sing of your love forever" and he sang his own version with his own tune and piano part. When he was done the group cheered and clapped and he beamed and said "Thank you Jesus!"

We made pumpkin pies, painted on gourds and added googly eyes, played harvest bingo and ate hotdogs outside. I love this part of my job, but I always get so nervous before these days. I have trouble knowing how much to plan...unsure if an activity will take three minutes or thirty minutes. So I plan, and worry and plan some more. But each time I am left with some sweet reward like this man who said the words I should say more often for a job that gives me so much to be grateful for: thank you jesus.


Renee said...

I love it!! Even more because the sing-a-long wasn't on the schedule! Thank you, Jesus!!

annika said...

what a fabulous story! thanks for passing it along. and your update on Papa's funeral and family time are precious. love you! see you in less than 2 weeks. rock on, sister!