Ivar Anton Frick

When I was home for the reunion, I got to stop in to see Rory's grandpa, Papa. He died the next day and I am so thankful to have had this last visit with him. Papa loved me so well, and so much. I love that I knew that. Papa was a great preacher, ministering all over the world and presiding over the Assemblies of God churches in Michigan. He had a great booming voice that spoke with conviction and belief, whether he was talking about his love for Jesus or his love of Perkins. He had a big sense of humor and stories to tell that seemed larger than life. His funeral was fantastic. And I really mean that. His life was so well lived, so full of friends and purpose, and so obviously concluded with a "well done good and faithful one." The funeral left me inspired more than anything... to live big and bold, to believe with my whole heart and to love with all my might. I am going to miss this man...and the way he so clearly loved his family and his savior.


Marlene said...

My Father loved you and I'm so glad you were aware of that!! We all were showered by his love. He was a wonderful, Godly, man of integrity. I'm missing him now, but am so grateful for him to finally be HOME!

Becca Groves said...
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