Beautiful Weddings.

I went to three weddings in August, all beautiful and so fun to be a part of. These pictures are from Betsy's wedding, my next door neighbor for 17 years. The Anderson's have always been as family to us, and this wedding was a true celebration of this friendship. Dad performed the ceremony, mom did the flowers and Rory and I did our part by eating lots of Coldstone wedding cake (brilliant. every wedding should have ice cream cake.)

Betsy's older sister, Jennifer, was my best friend all growing up and basically we tormented Betsy as the little sister. When I was scanning family photos a few weeks ago, I came across this picture of me and Jennifer having a sleepover. It is amazing how life flies by.


annika said...

wow! what a beautiful wedding you documented! i bet Betsy will want copies of the layouts you did. lovely! we love you!

Unknown said...

Becca, this is just beautiful. You should be in fantasy layout. We all look so great. What a wonderful idea, you are so cleaver. Save that picture of Karl and I. I think that is the best taken at the wedding. Thank you and Rory for driving up and being part of the wedding. I agree it was a great celebration of the friendship our families have had for all these years. I am glad it continues. Love, Kathy and Karl

Beth said...

Rahr. Hottie.