Hej is Hitched!

I went back to Minnesota this weekend for the lovely Heidi Elizabeth Johnson's wedding. It was a glorious celebration. Everything had been prepared with great thought and great heart. I went to Gustavus with her, worked at Flathead Lutheran Bible Camp with her and we even attended Luther seminary together. The wedding was filled with friends from back in the day and it was so great to reconnect.

Hej and her hubby, John.

Hej was one of those radiant, calm, enjoying-every-moment bride. It was so fun to watch her soak in her big day.
We each drank our beverages out of these mason jars. The wedding was outside at an orchard in Stillwater, with beautiful, worn barns and lots of colorful gardens spread around the property.
The wedding celebration concluded with a square dance. So super fun, and so super hot. The whole day was fantastic. Congrats Hej!

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