Another Jessica Sprague class!

Well, she's my fav. I just started another Jessica Sprague class and hope to post my finished pages here. This class is called Beautiful Evidence and is all about the beautiful evidence of a enjoyed life.

My other fav is Rory, who discontinued our lost sprint card and hooked us up with a home internet service. He actually said it was a blessing in the end because with this new plan we're saving $50 a month on internet. I suppose all is well that ends well, but man, I wonder where that internet card went!


Lisa Groves said...

Hi Bec! I finally figured out how to leave messages!!! yeah!!
Oh I hope you find your lost card. I lost $70.00 once and found it a year later in a purse. And I also lost the sapphire to a special ring and fpound it two years later on the floor in my closet! Lost things have a funny way of showing up just when you lost hope:)

Beth said...