Carol Joy's Quilt Auction

I just got home from 13 hours of Quilt Auction fun at Carol Joy (my camp). The day was magnificent...399 stunning quilts, over 800 friends of the camp present to bid and $95,000 raised for a camp whose purpose is to pass on the faith to the next generation.

There was a quilt that I had my eyes on since it was delivered for the auction. I was careful not to tell anyone I loved it, fearing they would up my bid just to get me to pay more. But I had a max that I couldn't bid over and when it came time, I couldn't keep up with the dollars being bid for this quilt.

But to my great surprise, the winning bidder was a fantastic giver to the camp and purchased the quilt for me, having found out it was the one I loved. This woman has a history of doing this for camp staff I later found out. So look at this beauty. This is a picture of me and her and her husband. I was overcome with emotion when she gave it to me. It has been a learning summer and there was something so sweet about this gift to celebrate my first summer at Carol Joy.


Marlene said...

What a gorgeous quilt and how wonderful to receive it as a gift for your first year at Camp!!
Congratulations on a job well done!!
Love you,
Mom Groves

Renee said...

Beautiful! What a gift of love!

Kristin said...

Wow! That is so beautiful- the story and the quilt. What a great idea for the camp to do for a fundraiser, especially how you mentioned they get passed down for generations. Love it. You are such a beautiful person inside and out, Becca, I am thrilled someone could give a gift like this to you.